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    Lead Warriors! / Surrogate Coming Soon?


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    Lead Warriors! / Surrogate Coming Soon?

    Post by Elmstar on Sun Nov 29, 2015 7:29 pm

    I am proud to announce the members that will fulfill OakClan's position of Lead Warrior.

    I did not receive that many auditions, but please give a warm welcome to the new Lead Warriors, DREAMHEART (Dream3) and AUGUSTUS!

    They submitted very convincing role plays / reasons, and it would be hard to not promote either of them.

    Congratulations you guys!

    We are three members away from achieving the milestone of 20 members, and that's when applications to OakClan will no longer be taken in. It also means two other things..

    *Events that will be starting soon. There will be a separate forum topic about them explaining rules and what all will be going on.

    The second thing, is that once we reach that goal, I have decided to announce my choice for the Surrogate.

    You MAY submit your reasons to me as to why you should be promoted to Surrogate, the next feline to lead OakClan when I pass on. Submissions will be allowed until December 5th.

    Thanks for reading!

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